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Raising The Standard


I’ve just been squeezed by our Editor (oooh,  Matron !!)  to do something for the club mag  so here goes.  A technical article it is not, but rather a gentle ramble about how a 1937 Standard Scout has etched it’s way into my emotional being.
An old Harley friend of mine in deep rural Essex had acquired the neglected Scout in some previous Henderson job-lot deal and had moth-balled it away in the corner of his barn-like garage as a project for when he retired.  As in all these cases, the bike wasn’t for sale but it had touched the spot for me and so I cast my ledger deep into the lake and waited patiently for a bite.
About two years later, my man phoned me to say his plans had changed and that if I was still interested he would reluctantly let me have the bike.
Bartering with cash and   HD bits we finally agreed on a price  - which, of course,  would be totally incomprehensible to those outside the Indian fraternity (including my good wife!).  However, to me, I’d got what I wanted,..
An Indian with leaf springs,  “pointy” mudguards  and red.

Raising The Standard

Raising The Standard

I know that to many, myself included, the first attraction to Indians is the splendour of those valanced mudguards that adorn the later Chiefs and 4ours.  However, it seems that once such machines of dreams have been obtained, then the eye may roam and perchance fall upon the sculptured beauty of the slimmer “pointy”’ mudguards that grace the late 1930’s models.
This was the case with me, and this Standard Scout presented the opportunity to restore a machine that had the features I liked and would look really nice re-sprayed in the  Red and Black  ‘39  “World’s  Fair”  livery which had long been my favourite.
I eagerly trailered the bike home, looking forward to revealing my plans for my new passion to my fellow Indian buffs.

"Rocket" Ron Wells  

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Indian Motocycles - you can't wear them out                                  Indian Motocycles - built to last  
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