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Cheap Indian

I would love to have an Indian Chief, but I can’t afford one. Why are they so expensive? Is it because they are so rare? No, I think there are plenty out there, but you lads have more than one. Shame on you. Do you ride them all, or are you collectors? (Moan over.)

Right, this is how to have a cheap Chief look-alike. Buy yourself a ‘Kawasaki 8OOcc Drifter’, and you are halfway there. They have the big mudguards, Vee engine, looks like a ridged frame, some are painted a nice red. The early ones have black teles, handle bars and head light.

So lets go for it.

Photo No.1 Shows what I did. Front view. Screen, low, wide and cheap. Black spot lights. I fixed a big Hooter, but it only goes peep-peep.

Indian headed light on fender. Removed winkers and put LED ones behind the screen, and above the handle bars. This is so I can see them working. (I was always leaving them on as the idiot light is on tank) Handle bars were too wide, so I bent them in about 3", using sash clamp. This makes brake/clutch levers stick out, so you have to turn them down. That alters mirrors, so I dumped left one, and changed the right. Fitted crash bars, good buy. As I’m always dropping bike, (with me on board.)

Photo No.2 Right hand side. I removed dual seat and sub frame, replaced it with a brown tractor seat. I had to make up a ‘U’ shaped bracket for the front fixing, which was then fitted to petrol tank bolt. The rear of seat is fitted by a plate, bolted to battery cover. I did try springs, but nothing looked any good. Also I needed the seat low, because of my short legs. The sides of the seat dug into my thighs when I put my legs onto the ground. Therefore I had to bend the pan down about ½", and all is well. The sub frame can still be fitted if needed, as a carrier.

When I got bike it had tank badge removed. So I went into a sign shop. Young girl had a computer rigged up to a machine. Then I chose an Indian head, she could make it change size, which way faced. That’s two different ways for each side of the tank. Also had my name done for bottom of front mudguard.

Also fitted hand change. This was so I could practice hand changes if ever I got the real thing. It’s linked up to foot change, so I can revert back to normal. I cut 2 L brackets fixed to Rad bolts. Long bolts with lever welded on. Pushed through to other side where a short plate was fixed. Then a long link down to gear change lever, it works very well, except 1st to 2nd it finds neutral so it took a little while to master it. I like it.

I removed pillion foot rests. (I was told by a MOT tester the bike would fail MOT???)

Photo No.3 Rear view. Removed winkers, replaced with LED. Small and clear. Changed rear number plate??? Might go for black and white later.

Photo No.4 LeftSide. Fitted Little brown ladies leather hand bag for tools. Hand change linkage can be seen. That’s some of the things I’ve drove so far. I’m thinking of putting white wall tyres on, rear carrier on mudguard, and a kick start. Although it’s a dummy it will work a starter switch when kicked down.

None of these jobs were expensive, and can be done over a period of time.

P.S An advert in ‘American Iron’ is selling leaf spring front forks.
Kiwi Motorcycle Company or
951.788.0048 Riverside Calif.

Changed gearbox sprocket from 17 teeth to 18. Tappets make a noise, have left them, makes bike sound more like an old one.

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Indian Motocycles - you can't wear them out                                  Indian Motocycles - built to last  
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