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Indian Brave S2 Wiring Diagram


Hi I'm Tim, one of the "Silent Majority"

While sourcing parts for a 741 I have been rebuilding my wanderings through the English countryside took me to Leicester where the vendor of the parts I was buying told me a friend of his, who lived close by, had a Brave for sale, was I interested? Strange sort of question that. Anyway 10 minutes drive later I was looking at a very sad, tatty and rusty Brave languishing under a bit of rotten canvas where it had been for the best part of 12 years after being rescued from a breakers yard. Who could resist? Money changed hands and then to my great relief I found it would fit into my van, an equally rusty old Maestro.

Approaching the end of the 741 project and waiting for a few parts I decided to have a look at the next project, the Brave. Down these 'ere parts in Spain services I took for granted in England, vapour blasting, powder coating etc. are unheard of, so this will have to be an "Oily rag job" So an examination of the Brave was faintly encouraging, some good news and some bad.

However a start was made and attached is a small technical article to cover the electrical side of life for anybody else that may have one of these rather basic and simple machines. I know this article will be of use/interest to a very small number of members, how small I don't know, however here it is.


1. Does anyone know the output of the Lucas RM13?

2. Does anybody know how to construct an ultrasonic cleaner to remove rust?


Brave Wiring.jpg (103774 bytes)

Brave S2 Wiring Diagram

Brave Loom.jpg (107608 bytes) Brave S2 loom design




Engine type: 13B fitted with Lucas RM 13 alternator.


1. Spare parts list, All models                                                           Sept. 1955

2. Riders manual Model S # BES 72                                                              1954

3. Motorcycle Electrical Manual by Tony Tranter (Haynes 3471 3rd. edition)    1998

4. Restoring Motor Cycle Electrics by Roy Bacon         (Niton)                       1988

5. Royal Enfield S/A OHV Motorcycles Workshop maintenance manual            1957-63

6. Britax Wiring Harness M 599 diagram
    Indian Brave 250 c.c. fitted with Lucas IA45A alternator                            1953-54


While there is considerable printed information covering the early model Braves the main omission for later model S2s fitted with the Lucas RM 13 alternator is the lack of a wiring diagram.  In a recent telephone conversation with another Brave owner he informed me that all major electrical components were the same as those used on Royal Enfields of similar vintage.


To produce an accurate wiring diagram for the late model S2 and a diagram for harness manufacture.


With care I detached a very dirty and tatty wiring harness from my bike and found that with the exception of the actual harness tape all the wires were in remarkably good condition with all terminals in position and appeared to be original. This was then checked against the R.E. wiring diagram. All equipment was cleaned , reassembled and checked for correct operation.


1.  Alternator Lucas RM 13.This item had its original wires attached, Light/Medium/Dark Green, the Medium Green joins to Green/Yellow on the harness and all are 26" long.

2.   Ignition switch Lucas # 031611 .Switch actually carries #34093-55 (last two numbers-year of manufacture?).

3.   Light switch Lucas # 31491A is a standard type U39.

4.  Rectifier Lucas #47111 A. On machine SenTerCel C60 #47132B, later Selenium metal plate type.

5.   Horn button Lucas #762272 (NOS) black wire 44" long.

6.   Stop light switch Lucas #31437A. Harness wires to battery and stop/tail light harness brown wire, length unknown, make as required. Stop/tail light harness brown and brown/green are 32"long.

7.  Dip switch Lucas #380521 ,harness wiring presumed to be white/red to light switch terminal 2 with 2x black to the headlight bulb, length unknown make as required.

8.   Ammeter Lucas 36084F.



Tim Winterson    

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Indian Motocycles - you can't wear them out                                  Indian Motocycles - built to last  
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