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Farewell to Bill Herbert


Bill “Grumpy Old Git” Herbert – his affectionate nick name to his family and friends

21/12/1957 to 25/03/2018

To say we were shocked to hear of Bill’s very sudden death would be an understatement.  Everyone who knew him had the same reaction.  With no warning and no time to prepare, we are still in a state of denial.  We had made many plans for the coming year,

Bill Herbert Bill Herbert

our travelling buddy and very good friend.  We are still doing the planned trips, along with his wife, Lorraine and one of his daughters, Kerry and her son, Justin.   These trips will remind us there is someone very special missing.
Bill had been into Indians for over 20 years.  He was a familiar face to many, quite often with his top off flexing his tanned muscles whilst preparing everyone’s breakfasts.  He was always up for a joke and a laugh.  When he let his hair down it was hard to get him to stop partying.  There was many a rally when it was just me and Bill left standing and eventually I had to point him in the right direction to his tent or van.  If I was not with him when he finished partying, I even got phone calls to ask for directions. Needless to say we took the micky big time.  Belgium rallies were one of his big favourites, there was always silly themes going on, including wigs, big knickers and weird hats.  Bill was straight in there wearing whatever was thrown at him. 
Bills funeral was held in Plymouth on Friday 13th April.  Lorraine and his daughters wanted to have a bike hearse and as many bikes following as possible.  Lorraine wanted us to make a lot of noise and it was definitely a no-suit event.  We obliged with revving engines and a certain Harley 45 siren going off at intervals.

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There was a good turn out of bikes and club members, it was not just old Indians that attended but many modern bikers from his work place and biker friends in the Plymouth area.  Everyone was so shocked to hear the news and wanted to show their support and love for Bill and his family.
I don’t know for sure how many bikes were following the bike hearse, but over 20.  Peter was stopping the traffic so we all kept together (including stopping a police car).   People knew that it was a special journey and were very tolerant and waited while we all filed through.  Even down to a tree cutting crew who had closed the road, then frantically cleared the debris and opened the road so we could go through.  Special treatment for a special man.
I was privileged to ride his Chief behind the hearse, in tandem with Will, his brother in law, who rode his new Indian Scout.  There were 4 pall bearers, Peter, Snowy, brother in law, Will, and a good friend of Bills. 
Afterwards we all gathered at a Chinese buffet closer to Bill’s house where hot buffet food was served.  Then the Indian crowd adjourned to our campsite.  Many had travelled distances to get to Plymouth and were staying over for a few days.  Lorraine and Bill’s three daughters and grandchildren joined us later in the evening to talk about THE MAN.
We did the man proud and will miss him greatly. Our Love and condolences to Lorraine, Kerry, Claire, Samantha and all his family.
Anyone who wants to celebrate Bill’s life, donations can be made to his chosen charity “Help The Heroes”.

Anita "Boudicca" Dray Anita Dray

FAMILY MESSAGE: I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. The help and support we received as a family after the sudden passing of Bill was overwhelming. I hope you will all agree that with the support of you as a club and his friends, Lorraine was able to give Bill the send off he deserved.
You have all been a massive help to Lorraine, I do not know how to thank you all enough. Bill will always be in our hearts and his memories will last forever.

Again thank you for everything you did for our family when we needed it the most.
R.I.P Dad Ride high xxx

Kerry Herbert



Indian Motocycles - you can't wear them out                                  Indian Motocycles - built to last  
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