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Winter Meet - The Horse Shoe 2016


Our 2015 Prescott International Rally committee had agreed that, as a ‘Thank You’ to all the members who had helped and attended the Prescott Rally, this year’s winter meet would be funded from the residue of rally profits -  after the proposed charity donations had been completed.
Well, Horseshoes are traditionally said to be lucky – and we certainly ‘struck gold’ with this venue in Warlingham Surrey.
We had exclusive use of the pub’s extended conservatory which provided sufficient seating for us all to sit together – under it’s twinkling lighted ceiling, t’was like dining under the stars!
Altogether, 57 members turned up, including Dave from Bolton, Andy & Vera from Leics, and many more from the far-flung corners of our realm. Wherever we were all from, the generous Carvery and desserts were given a unanimous and enthusiastic Thumbs Up by all.
When the meal was finished, ‘ el Presidente’ Fred called Mike onto centre stage and presented everybody’s hero with a card signed by us all to mark his forthcoming  90th  Birthday - and 56 souls burst into singing Happy Birthday to him.   
Fred then summoned Steph, Anita, Carl and yours truly to front and centre to receive multi- signed cards for our imminent birthdays and a further rendition of the HB song followed. Fred was overjoyed that at last he’d achieved a 5 Card Trick!.... Oh dear .
The four musketeers from Dorset way had also collaborated and produced a magnificent 90th cake for Mike and this was shared amongst us later.
A few stats:
Su sold £51 of club merchandise
Jo’s raffle raised £116
Nobby’s wooden plaques generated £25. (great to see Nobby’s wife Pat well enough to join us again)
The Prescott International DVDs were available at £7 each and were selling like hot cakes. 
Towards 11pm folk started to make a move -  those of us not living near enough to drive home either stayed at the local Travelodge or ‘camped/caravanned at the  Kenley site.   I’m led to believe that the partying carried on in Anita’s Sodastream – oops, I keep calling it that - it is of course an Airstream.  Anyway, regardless of what you call it… I can’t imagine what goes on in there but I guarantee they weren’t playing Monopoly till the wee hours…
So, thanks to Sybil for arranging a very successful Winter meet and yes, it was sweetened by being a ‘freebee’  - but I, for one, would certainly be happy to return there next year and  pay the going rate.
Final footnote: Any of you that travelled to Warlingham using the M25 may have noticed an excessive number of dead crows along the hard shoulder apparently due to vehicle impacts.  The Highways Agency study of paint deposits on the dead birds indicates that approx.98% were due to Commercial vehicles while only 2% were attributable to cars.
An ornithological expert has concluded that this is due to the fact that each flock of crows has designated look-outs to warn them of impending dangers as they scavenge on any roadkill.  Evidently, these look-out crows can shout “Cah”   but can’t manage… “Lorry” !

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Indian Motocycles - you can't wear them out                                  Indian Motocycles - built to last  
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