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West Kent Run 2015(AGreat Camping Weekend)


This years West Kent run attracted 353 riders from all parts of the Europe and the UK.  To get an entry you need to be pretty quick as tis usually oversubscribed by the end of February.

This year’s event was held, as usual, at the Friars Monastery in Aylesford village, an excellent venue with plenty of space for camping.  Good mobile showers, toilets but just a little too close to the M20.  As with most things you soon get used to it.
FRIDAY is a social run with the second man drop off system.  Some sixty riders took part, in excellent weather around the back lanes of West Kent.  I was unfortunate to be dropped off at one junction where the resident of a lone bungalow took umbrage at motorcycles passing his property, saying “he had moved to the country for some peace and quiet”.  I tried to play it down but he was having none of it, using foul language and threatening to call the police.  I must say I haven’t heard such colourful language for quite some time.  The back marker by then had arrived and spoke to him but he was still raving when I left.  One sad individual.
The evening meal on Friday was help yourself to the buffet, the mad rush to get to the food had to be seen to be believed.  There was more than enough for all but some were coming away from the table with enough food on their plates to feed a family of four “humans” never fail to amaze!
SATURDAY, weather excellent, warm and sunny.  Today is the main event.  Coffee stops and lunch stop around 1.30.  It would have been nice if the route had been past “chuckleheads” bungalow but that would have been so unfair, wouldn’t it?  Lunch stop was at a pub but trying to serve so many people with drinks and food orders took some time.  Maybe the organisers could use two pubs, splitting the group by even and odd numbers, just a thought!   The evening meal was very good with plenty for all.
SUNDAY.  Weather once again warm and sunny.  Today is the avenue of clubs, the auto-jumble and games in the arena.  Our club, The Indian Riders Motocycle Club was well supported with some ten machines on display, including a very original single speed 1000cc Excelsior V Twin of Vintage. 
John Surtees OBE (when will this man be knighted?)  was guest of honour, awarding prises to the various class winners.  As the West Kent is a charity event all the profits being awarded this year to the John Surtees Foundation.  If you’re into vintage motorcycles, camping and enjoy the company of like minded people then the WKR is for one for you, but as I said earlier get your entry in early

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Indian Motocycles - you can't wear them out                                  Indian Motocycles - built to last  
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