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Shaun Gibbons


Hi all. I thought I'd scribble a few words about my new to me bike for the mag,

I'm Shaun Gibbons, and although old everywhere else, I'm new here. Been in the VMCC & BSAOC for over 27yrs, always wanted an Indian, but family and stuff...You know how that goes..! Then FINALLY I got the funds to get me one, so joined the club, asking Sybil if she knew of one. TUrns out she & Mike had one for sale, I was just about to do the deal then....Family...!

So, I left it and waited some more, I'm good at waiting, I do that for a living driving a lorry over in France. Always something to wait for, either the train, or the ferry, or the French to come back off strike. Then last October a couple of American chums came over, we were all going to Cornwall on holiday, one's a BSA man, the other a Norton man. Funny how it goes, I slipped into a conversation over a beer or three, the fact I wanted an Indian. The Norton guy said he lived a stone's throw from Bob's Indian in Pennsylvania, and as soon as he got home he'll ask around. So I waited again, a couple of weeks went past, then an E-Mail telling me, Bob's not got anything but there's a guy in California who's selling a Sport Scout. I contacted that lad, only to find the bike in question was a famous Indian author, sorry I only know BSA people, but a search about found that Jerry Hatfield was indeed quite well known. So down to the bank I went, on a cold January day, got them to send over a pile of cash. And waited, then waited some more, getting a tad worried I even went to the expense of calling America from France using my mobile. Do you KNOW how much THAT cost...!

But all was well, seemed they were just waiting on the container to fill, I had a tracking number for the ship, BLIMEY that thing did more stops than Father Christmas. But then it landed at Felixstowe, where the *Handing out Money* game

Shaun Shaun


started once more, this time to Customs and everyone else that asked. Eventually I got the bike in the back of a mate's van, all lovely it was too, and as the description stated. Then even more waiting, this time for DVLA to get their finger out, but thanks to Mike & Sybil for all their help with the paperwork. And advice and putting up with my frustration, but finally I got the Reg number three days ago, made a number plate up with cardboard, and took the bike for its first ride...

In fact MY first ride with a bike fitted with Foot Clutch and hand change, the wife stood at the garden gate, watching me make a fool of myself, as I stalled it. But then I got it all sorted, and off I went, hitting the country lanes of Kent big style, spitting the flies from me teeth as I settled in to the smooth ride. Ended up doing well over 100 miles on the thing, why didn't I get me an Indian years ago. Well the bike did me proud, and thanks once again to the Indian Riders Club people for all your help, I'll be riding the bike lots, now I know how, it's fitted with a carrier my mate made, and throw over bags I got given. So I'm all set for rallies and camping, see you on the road somewhere...

Shaun Gibbons Shaun Gibbons



Indian Motocycles - you can't wear them out                                  Indian Motocycles - built to last  
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