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Prescott Hill Climb 2010


Well, no matter how you look at it, the 'Summer Season' is coming to an end, so this was one not to be missed for us, and infact our only Indian event for the year, after a lengthy engine rebuild, followed by most of the summer working abroad.
Held at the legendary Prescott Hill Climb, set amongst some of the countries most beautiful countryside, even the weather couldn't put the dampers on this one. Having said that, Saturday was a fine day, the real shit started in the evening and eased by mid morning Sunday.
Hosted by the Bugatti Owners Club, owners of Prescott since 1938, the event was given a strong American 1950's theme, by creating an American Main Street, with Indians around a tee-pee, a Harley shop with test rides of their latest models, Ken Fox's Wall of Death, [which could be renamed as the Barrel of Lust, as Blondie mesmerises all the men with what she can do on one of the two Indian Scouts], Airstream caravans for refreshments, Elvis Presley, rockabilly, rock and roll, dancers, Laurel and Hardy’s exploding Model T Ford, firing pigeons, doors, giant telephones etc into the air, hot rods, muscle cars, dragsters, cops, Marilyn Munroe, you get the picture.  There were also half a dozen darleks there, like a mob of hoodies, exterminating everything that got in there way. Not quite sure where they fitted in, but they did, and it kept the children entertained. 

A good turn out of Indians, including Mike and Sybil, Fred and Sue, Tim, Anita and Peter, Jan and myself plus a couple more who's names I don't know yet.  Only 3 bikes for Sunday, comprising of those owners who don't watch the weather forecasts. Tim, Fred and I all had a go up the hill in the non competitive cavalcades, run during the lunch breaks, when the various owners clubs had a chance to strutt their stuff, including Corvettes, MG's, TVR's, Fiat Abarth's, Lotus plus a gaggle of Stanley steam cars, who Tim and I followed, with a free face sauna thrown in for good measure.

We were treated very well, in no small part due to the fact that Prescott’s general manager, Ian Patton, is in the process of having Alan Forbes finish a 101 for him, that he plans to ride coast to coast across America next year, [no pressure Alan] wow.
The competitors for the hill climb were all of the classic type, ranging from £1m Bugattis to very rapid 'kit' cars. The hill has been tarmac surfaced since 1939, and has a fairly steep incline with some very tight bends thrown in to add to the challenge. Bars and cafes are situated on some of the best vantage points for spectators, giving a good old fashioned day out. It was nice to see a totally different group of cars and people from the Goodwood set.

Next April a bike only weekend is planned, so one to watch out for there.

All in all a really great weekend and a real credit to the organisers, and hopefully successful enough for this, the first American themed event, not to be the last.

Tony Collinson       Tony Collinson

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Indian Motocycles - you can't wear them out                                  Indian Motocycles - built to last  
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