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Indian Riders Autumn Rally - Kenley 2019

Five loaves and two fish.
Well what can I say, but what a fantastic rally @ RAF Kenley.  Once again a fantastic welcome by Phil behind the bar along with the rest of the crew!
Maggie was quite a gal!!

On arrival, after my other bike decided it didn’t want to play, I brought my newly acquired WLA.  Having only covered 40 miles or so on her up to that point, the Rubik Cube bike was going to test me!  But as we have both found, the friendliness and fixability in the Indian Riders Club is second to none!  Phil & Pete rallied round and got the WLA ready, all it needed was a pilot not a passenger now!! Lol 
With due trepidation I set off!!   And as they say, the rest is history!

Once back after a short ride and a pint or three (lol)!!, then came the old five loaves and two fishes trick which I had looked up in the manual, the Bible I think it is.  With the help of Anita, Jo and Donna, Kelly and I fed the baying crowd!  What a team effort!

While on the subject of food a big shout out to the breakfast crew!  Many thanks for putting the effort in each day.  Any help, is most welcome, so please don’t hesitate to ask, just by putting your plate back or washing it up helps a lot!

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Day two. And it can’t pass without a thank you to the weather.  What a weekend it was.  The ride out the next day was fantastic, only marred by Russell’s altercation with a caravan.  Thank God he was okay, hooray for crash bars!!! 

The WW2 museum and Bike & Custom show that followed rocked!! 
Quintessentially English but with a Hells angel twist!!   Then back to base, where Pete and Co put on a fantastic BBQ, and plenty more beer was quaffed, with new faces, now becoming old friends.

Well here’s to the next Rally in the Spring and I’m told that RAF Kenley, is booked and ready for next  August Bank holiday.  Get in !!

Hope to see some of you before, and at the Christmas meal 

So to sum up the Indian Riders August Rally - Bloody fantastic!!
Signing off for now 

Ian Burro

Ian & Kelly Burro

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Indian Motocycles - you can't wear them out                                  Indian Motocycles - built to last  
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