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Indian Riders Autumn Rally - Kenley 2017


A Sunshine Rally - Kenley 25th to 28th Aug 2017 

After the Biblical scale deluge that was Dorset, dear old Kenley rewarded us with four days of glorious sunshine and the hottest bank holiday for 50 years with temps up to 30degrees.
A couple of weddings and other prior commitments meant some of the regulars were not there but we still had around 30 heads and a few members popped in from time to time.
As always, there were some interesting new bikes on the scene, Graham introduced us to his newly restored BSA A10.  I followed this bike on the ride out and the exhaust note was absolutely symphonic.  Joe from Somerset showed his  delicious 101 which has been under restoration for 6 years (see photo), there was Roy’s ’37 original Standard  Scout alongside a ’37 restored  Chief - resurrecting the old argument  viz  “To Restore or Not Restore”(see photo).   Phil’s feisty Mustang um, ….Sallied forth (sorry, couldn’t resist).
Star attraction was Martin’s Sunbeam –“Four.” A self -designed and hand built special with two Sunbeam engines joined together to create an in-line four.  At Sunday School we used to sing “Jesus wants me for a sunbeam”  –  well, I’m sure he’ll want this one too!.  
Friday, late afternoon, a somewhat exasperated Boudicca’s  scouting party returned to the site having completed a 48 mile recky that, due to roadwork diversions, had blindly and numerously  criss-crossed  the M23, had a sniff round Gatwick Airport  and ended up just  a rather ignominious 11 miles from Kenley. Never mind, a better route would be planned for the next day’s ride.
Friday evening and Lorraine kindly did the fish and chips run and later on we all adjourned to the Portcullis club for Cliff’s entertaining guitar sing-along.  (“Country Roads“ eh Cliff? !!).
Some retired around 11ish but light sleepers may have heard the night owls finally leaving the bar at 3am.!
Saturday morning, sore heads or not, 17 bikes lined up for the 100 mile return  ride-out to Hellingly Steam Fair – a grand ensemble  of  stalls, steam engines, classic cars, motorcycles and a row of static engines ‘a mile long’. Boy, was it warm and eventually we sought sanctuary in the massive beer tent where a Trad Jazz band was scenting the air with Sweet Georgia Brown.

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All safely back and in the balmy Saturday evening glow we all enjoyed a super club BBQ and eventually drifted in to the bar for more drinks and friendly chit-chat.
Sunday, 11 bikes were up for the run to Devil’s Dyke. At Handcross, Val and I peeled off and went on to call in on a couple of original club members -  Ray and Caryll Chriss.  Unfortunately, Ray has not been so good these days and Caryll is doing a splendid job taking care of him.  Older members may recall the many delightful Summer Ride-ins that Ray and Caryll used to host at their home in Littleworth Sussex and we all wish them both well.
The pack returned (eventually) to the Kenley site, we won’t  mention any breakdowns but suffice to say that the club’s  W Anchor Award will be retained by the current holder – who, this time, managed to lose all but one of his rear wheel nuts –Bless!
The Silly Games were substituted with a session of riding each other’s bikes up and down the strip and also an attempt to fine tune Tim’s almost prepared 101. Most who tried Martin’s Sunbeam ended up with longer arms but all agreed it was worth it.
Another great Barbie in the evening  and a further night spent  in the PC club –  -how gratifying it is to know that the more  pi**ed  you get in their bar the more  you’re supporting the  RAF Association.!!!
Monday morning,  some decamped ready to leave  but half a dozen brave-hearts prepared  for yet another ride out, this time  to a cyclist frequented  cafe at Ide Hill -  to cop an eyeful of Lycra (pervy or what?).   So off rode our intrepid riders in the fabulous but leather–melting heat ----- ---- would they ever return?…. Well, I guess they did really or it would’ve been on the news.

Thanks to Boudie and Pete for organising,  to  Bill and Lorraine for cooking services and to all who came and made this a real  Sunshine rally -  in every way

Rocket Ron

Rocket Ron Wells

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Indian Motocycles - you can't wear them out                                  Indian Motocycles - built to last  
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