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Iwerne Minster 2015


Iwerne Invasion 8th-10th May 2015 

Invasion?  Well, more like a friendly foray as our Indian Riders club descended on Dorset to the idyllic village of Iwerne Minster for this year’s Spring rally.
Our host was Erika, who runs the Talbot Inn – the local village pub and she, along with Tim Handscombe and Ron Pier, had arranged our rally at the site which was a short walk from the pub. The site proved ideal with a flat field and club house with catering facilities.  Perfect for camper vans and basic camping.  For those without a camper and who didn’t fancy canvas, the Talbot offered a splendid B&B alternative.
Around 40 folk arrived on Friday, mainly old faces with old bikes but there were a few nice new people present, one with a sweet 20’s Scout and another couple with a tidy Harley 45.  We were indeed honoured with the presence of Ken Lee with his Henderson and Chairman Woodgates resurrected his 25 ‘Chiefie’ for the occasion.
By Friday evening, most folk made their way to the club room for the usual social chin-wag. There was no bar so you “drunk what you brung!”   …no shortage there then and the rest of the evening passed with sprinklings of old biking tales and even older jokes. 
Saturday morning, hey!, were we glad we’d opted for the Talbot… superb full English breakfast was served with a smile and presumably the aroma drifted down to the site and lured several ‘campers’ up to partake.
11 o’clock ride out had a full compliment to ride through some delightful Dorset countryside, stopping at the Bovington Camp Tank Museum for lunch.
All very interesting but the weather was so glorious it was a case of ‘Tanks very much’ and we all rode the second leg down to Lulworth Cove.
NOW, lest it be said that I’m in denial, I have to relay the fact that, on our arrival at the beauty spot’s car park, and backing into a space on slopey, gravelly ground and with 2 up, my bike went from the vertical to the horizontal position in one slow motion manoeuvre. Minor damage consisted of a fractured RH footrest and a bent brake lever. The worst thing was the dread of collecting the club’s Bashing the Bishop award. However, all is well as I’ve since learned that I’ve been over-trumped by MURRAY, who, evidently, is points ahead on his weekend’s misdemeanours and mishaps which included
bringing a bike with no gear lever,
bringing a pair of gloves with both RH gloves,
trying to get bike unloaded from breakdown van but still had bike strapped down at the front etc. etc….
The list, which goes on, was submitted by his BEST friend Rat! (always, wondered how he earned that nick-name).  So it looks like Murray wins it ‘hands on’’ – oops sorry, I mean hands down.
Anyway, I digress… Lulworth Cove is a beauteous land/seascape and well worth a visit and most of us topped off our time there with fresh seafood cocktails and delicious Cornish ice cream (of course not together..’cept for Ken Lee that is.)
A steady ride back to Iwerne in time for Silly Games – usual trick riding from the courageous few providing entertainment for the many.  Roy & Cliff coming out the winners (well, seeing that they organised it and also practise in their garden, it was no surprise, (only joshin’ boys.) The event was followed by the Raffle that resulted in over £60 for club funds.
Saturday evening most of us congregated in the Talbot, many to sample the Talbot’s  excellent menu – everyone really impressed with their meal – except maybe  poor  ol’  Steph who asked for’ BEEF Goulash – without the BEEF ‘  she is vegetarian!). After our meals, everyone joined in to sing Happy Birthday to Fred and were all rewarded with a piece of his cake.
Time now to adjourn to the other bar where the incumbent singer/banjo virtuoso led us all into a good old sing-song evening which included Drunken Sailor and You are my Sunshine and the like -  shame about Delilah or even Alice!!!.  Cliff stepped in with his Uke during the break and kept the musical atmosphere going. All in all, a really fun night – and any rumours of dancing on the table after hours are grossly exaggerated ….
Sunday, as usual, time to decamp or pack up and say goodbyes with special thanks to Erika, Tim Handscombe and Ron Pier for sponsoring the hire of the site and donating all proceeds to the club.   Nice one!

Rocket Ron Wells     

Kim Buick

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Indian Motocycles - you can't wear them out                                  Indian Motocycles - built to last  
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