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Hook Norton 2016


This was our first visit to Hook Norton.  Friday morning we set off in the car in the rain, we couldn't take a bike as Mike had cracked two ribs and was still in discomfort.

He didn't want to let me down, as for the past three years when we visited Prescott he has promised that we can visit the surrounding area, Morton on the Marsh, Stow on the Wold to name but a few which we never ever managed to do.  We had a nice drive down and reached the pub just before lunch.

We had a nice welcome from the receptionist and met the landlord. Our room was very pleasant with all the mod cons.

The advance guard of Peter, Anita and Snowy, were already there and set up.  Also Mauve and Paul, trying out their new caravan.  The camping field is just next to the pub with lots of room so perfect for our weekend.

Dibble, who organised things for us, arrived and brought some of his Harley mates to
join us.  Soon afterward the rest of the gang, Bill & Lorraine, with new club member Freebie (the rescue dog) arrived.  Following later, their daughter Kerry and grandson Justin.

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I had only expected twelve of us but every few minutes some else turned up.  In the end we had twenty eight people.  It was the Banbury Run on Sunday so they took advantage and came for the weekend.  The weather cleared up and the sun came out.

Saturday morning it rained again but once it cleared they all got ready for the ride out to Morton on the Marsh. We were going to follow in the car but as usual something came up.  We had to wait for a late comer.  By the time Philip arrived it was too late to follow so we just enjoyed some coffee and a cake.  Our coffee break was interrupted by the familiar sound of an Indian and who should turn up but Jess (Rock on Tommy) Bamford and Bob (Chuck) Shacklock with his charming wife Cheryl.
They wanted to catch up with the ride out but instead stayed with us and we had a good time talking about things gone by.  Jess, as usual, took centre stage and reduced us to tears of laughter.  They left to go home and five minutes later, the ride out was back.

The pub laid on food for those who wanted it and on Saturday evening they did a curry evening with sausage and mash for the non-spicy members.  It was a good atmosphere in the pub and after dinner we retired to the camping field where there was the usual campfire/fire pit with the ukeley out and singer Cliff in full form. 

We left for home after breakfast on Sunday after a very nice weekend.  Thanks to all those who came, Nigel came all the way from Norfolk, Mauve and Paul from Northampton and Andy and Vera from Leicestershire, all new members.

And No, I still haven't visited Morton on the Marsh or Stow on the Wold!
Dibble is happy to do another rally next year,  so keep an eye out for the published dates, it is a lovely part of the country and a great little pub and venue.  Very relaxed.

2017 is the club’s 25th Anniversary. We are having a special rally to commemorate the event.  The provisional dates are 9th to 11th June 2017 at The Portcullis Club, Kenley Airfield.  Keep the date in your diary so we can make this a bumper event, with as many Indian Rider members as possible.  We are planning to have a large barbeque and one of the four Harley riders has offered to do the cooking.  In fact all 4 Harley Riders offered to help (we may get them on an Indian yet) and we have taken them up on their offer.

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Indian Motocycles - you can't wear them out                                  Indian Motocycles - built to last  
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