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Hellbelly Scout Update


Previously I wrote about how I got my 1940 Sport Scout, so I thought I'd spin a yarn to say how I'm getting on with it, one word...FANTASTIC... I love it, I think all bikes should have a foot clutch, what a laugh that is. Earlier in the year I went on the Sunbeam's club, garden of England run, and won a bottle of beer for the bike. But the more I rode it, the more it seemed to smoke, and at the Kenley Rally it REALLY smoked. So sorry to everyone that had to breath all that in, as I went out on the run, I did try me best to find out what was causing it at the rally. And had loads of help and advice, as the photo might show, sadly being gormless I had to admit defeat and retreated to the bar and BBQ...

But the wonderful thing about this club is, people take pity on a grown man crying in his Ale, and before I knew it, Anita & Peter where there, with very kind offers. Once home, which took a whole tank full of oil, phone calls were made and the bike was in Peter's van, off to his fettling shed. And in a New York heart beat, it was back home all fixed, the trouble turned out to be worn oil pump gears, so it would seem you CAN wear out an Indian Scout, cos I'm the living proof...

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Now to test it, the Men of Kent Section of the VMCC had a Girder Fork ride, so off we went, the forecast was rain. But the Sun shone on the righteous, and I'm pleased to say no smoke, the bike even started dead easy, thanks to Peter noticing the loose Carb Whoops...!

So now it's winter, and fettling shed time, the Californian petrol has eaten the paint on the tank, along with a slight leak. Which I was told about before I paid my money, so this will be sorted in time for the Spring when it'll be out on the roads of Kent and further, I plan on taking the bike to a Norton Rally in Holland, should cause a bit of a stir when I show up on that. All being well I'll be at a rally near you all soon....

Shaun Gibbons aka Hellbelly Shaun Gibbons



Indian Motocycles - you can't wear them out                                  Indian Motocycles - built to last  
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