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Indian Riders Spring Rally - Etchingham 2014


Anita reminded me at Pauline’s birthday bash (thanks for a great afternoon Pauline much enjoyed by all) that I had agreed to write a report on the rally.   As neither Bruce nor I are very good at remembering yesterday we’ve had some difficulty in recalling the event through the mists of time but here goes, you can all fill in the gaps.

As a fully paid up member of the caravan club I arrived towing the caravan and Fred kindly helped me put it on site and Su provided the tea.   I then received much advice from Fred and Pete concerning Bruce’s hitching technique.   There was then an orderly queue formed for visiting the van.   Bruce the ‘Indian Riders’ member tootled along later on his Indian, arriving after all was safely set up.

After everyone was set up in the camping field we had a good evening in the club room.   Everyone enjoyed Su’s corned beef hash and a vegetable chilli was enjoyed by the one vegetarian (me).   Everything was washed down with large quantities of beer and wine and the conversation flowed.   Next was the live entertainment from Cliff and Fred on their ukuleles.   (I am supposed to practice my ukulele ready for 2015 but don’t be too hopeful).

On Saturday a hearty breakfast was cooked by Bill and Fred, that Bruce and I nearly missed having risen after dawn.   The weather cleared ready for the day’s activities.   Cliff and Roy organized a very successful run.   Linda was the official photographer on Pete’s pillion.    No one got lost as far as I know which must be a first.   Bruce joined the run and says they went to a very smart hotel for coffee by the sea but he can’t remember where but I am sure you can.   Su and I followed in the car via the shops (even more food needed).   We went to a pub in Pevensey opposite the Castle.  Some people visited the castle and others tried to go to the jail but it was closed.   The meals in the pub seemed to be served in the reverse order which led to some people waiting a long time watching others being served first.  This was a source of great amusement to some of us and terror to the young waitress.   Safely returned to the campsite we all watched or took part in the games organized by Cliff and Roy.   It was great fun but who won was a mystery to Bruce and me.   We all ate the prize cakes.  In the evening we had fish and chips collected by Jo and Phil and Oz organised the raffle.

Thanks to Fred and Su for organizing the meet at a very good venue.   All profits from the rally and raffle to go to the 2015 rally.         


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(Usually ‘woman on the side’ but on this occasion ’woman in caravan’.)

Or otherwise affectionately known as "Rag Doll"

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Indian Motocycles - you can't wear them out                                  Indian Motocycles - built to last  
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