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International Rally Denmark 2003 - Facts


Facts from the International Indian Rally in Denmark 2003  

There were 322 registered participants at the Rally – children under 14 not included.
There were 165 registered Indians. Many of the Indians from the Danish club were not registered.
There were 108 Indians on the ride to the frigate “Jylland”.

Drag Races were run at Mosten MC’s drag strip with electronic timing equipment. The timer was started on the green light, so the recorded times are somewhat higher than they would have been with a standard setup where the timer starts upon the front wheel breaking a light beam. The strip is 201 m or 1/8 mile long. 

Standard Class:
1: Indian 741 – 12.20 – Robin Oakley, England
2: Indian Chief – 12.30 – Fred Dufrene, France
3: Indian Chief – 12.44 – Torkel Kristoffersen, Norway

Modified Class:
1: Indian Chief – 10.08 – André Bouez, Sweden
2: Indian Chief – 10.47 – Ole Martin Mobeck, Norway
3: Indian Chief – 10.61 – Michael Schneider, Germany

The prizes were awarded according to the decisions of an international judging team. On the team were representatives of the British, Dutch, German and Swedish clubs. The prizes themselves were donated by Danish club member Bjørn Therkelsen. They were originally won by his father, Terkel Munk Therkelsen, who raced Indian Scouts in Denmark from 1921-30. We had a tie for the “oldest Indian” prize, so there was a draw deciding who got the original prize and who got a replica.

Oldest Indian:  1916 Powerplus - Olivier Marchant, France
                        1916 Powerplus - Jan Kåre Vadsett, Norway
Longest ridden Indian:  1674Km - Thomas & Petra Walthard, Switzerland, Indian Chief w/sidecar
Best non-original Indian:  Chief Bobber – Michael Schneider, Germany
Best “other models”:  1929 4 Cylinder – Horst Stratmann, Germany
Best Sport Scout/741:  1941 741 – Johan Ramberg, Sweden
Best Scout:  1931 101 – Jan Nybø, Norway
Best pre-1940 Chief:  1936 Chief - Jörgen Sundberg, Sweden.
Best post-1940 Chief:  1953 Chief - Jan Emil Kristoffersen, Norway

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Indian Motocycles - you can't wear them out                                  Indian Motocycles - built to last  
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