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Chateau Impney Hillclimb 2016


The club were invited to attend only the second Chateau Impney Hill Climb held at Droitwich Spa near Worcester.  Hill climbs had previously taken place between 1957 and 1967.The organisers are going to make this an annual event for historic motor sport. There were certainly some very old and distinctive classic race cars from Mini's to Maserati's and lots of enthusiastic drivers trying to do their best to complete the course. The earliest cars range from the 1920's and included some steam cars and a huge Packard-Bentley “Mavis” whose 42 litre boat engine can shift a gallon of petrol in 15 seconds and look as though it was on fire when ticking over!!

There was also some vintage fun fair rides including the Helter Skelter, Big Wheel and Carousel, all free of charge. Plus a few unusual trade stands. The food stands were more up-market than the usual burger vans which added to the occasion alongside some good local wines, beers and ciders.

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The journey to the event was somewhat delayed due to the long and winding queue along the M25 heading up to the M40. We stuck it out but Fred and Sue who were a few hours behind us pulled off early to try and find another route but came unstuck on the A roads. We trundled in with the caravan in tow up hill and down dale and found that Pete and Anita and Sue and Tim were already pitched up at the bottom of the hill in the shelter of a bank which was some way from everyone else who were at the top of the hill. Andy and Vera were also tented up having arrived on their two Indians – one new and one old. They had managed to pack all their gear away and were pleased with how it had gone as this was the final practice before heading to Germany for the International meeting. Luckily it didn't rain and so were safe from flooding! There were good toilets and showers available.

We decided to have a look around the site as there seemed to be some confusion about how to get the bikes to their allocated space, which roads were open and which closed and at what times. I think that the bike display area was the furthest away from the camping area which made for some good exercise for everyone over the weekend. We also found out that the food stands were not open in the evening which seemed to be a bit of a waste. There was some mention of a hog roast being provided but nothing was found. The rather posh hotel no doubt had some good food but was for invited guests only. Anita and I did manage to infiltrate the ladies loo which was a sight to behold. Still it was noted that there was going to be a lot to see in the coming two days with people and cars arriving long into the evening. We headed back for our sausages and found everyone else having a rather large BBQ and salad arrangement and we were invited to cook our sausages on the bbq and to partake in any food on offer – thanks everyone. Having had a long day – five hours drive and seven for Fred and Sue we headed off for an early night.

The bike display area was in a good position near the start of the hill climb. Plenty of shade from the trees if needed and food stands nearby along with the vintage fun fare. There were a number of big screens around the track so that viewing was not a problem. The Saturday was for practice runs and was less busy than the Sunday which allowed for good viewing and photographing of the cars. More cars arrived during the day. There was also a small and select concourse display alongside some old bikes from Brooklands. Invited clubs apart from us included the Vintage Hot Rod Ass., Morgan Three Wheeler Club, Chummy Ladies, Steam Car Club and the Cycle-Car club.

On the Saturday evening everyone was a lot more relaxed and eventually out came the uke's from Barry and Fred and a good singalong session got under way with Tim giving a good vocal performance alongside Fred and myself. I do believe that Sue was doing a fare bit of recording so no doubt it is available to view online somewhere? Sunday was race day proper and also H & H Auctions were running through the day with memorabilia in the morning and cars in the afternoon. Barry had to register and have a look round. A few things caught his eye and we ended up with a few car mascots! Fred asked if we were collecting them and Barry said no – but we are now! I managed to keep him out of the afternoon session – not sure if Fred made a purchase but there were no bikes on offer luckily.

At the end of the day we all collected the bikes and packed up for the long drive home. This was, luckily, a lot quicker than when we arrived leaving on a slightly different route to the motorway. The countryside around the event was very nice and well worth visiting again. Sybil has said that we have been invited again next year and there is talk that we can have a base down with the bikes that would make less walking for some (Pete!!!)

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Indian Motocycles - you can't wear them out                                  Indian Motocycles - built to last  
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